Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Relationships can be tough and every couple deserves compassion, respect, and support. Couples who receive counselling show significant benefits in their relationship. Even the strongest of relationships can benefit. Don't wait...

Often couples wait until issues become severe before they decide to seek counselling. The longer issues are left, the more entrenched they become. The chance of marriage ending in divorce over a forty year period is approximately 67% and half of these divorces occur in the first seven years of marriage.

I specialize in working with couples and I believe it is important to create a positive, comfortable, and easy-to-talk-to environment, where there is no finger pointing or fault finding but instead a hope-focused direction.

I help couples in the following areas:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Repair from conflict - Repair Attempts Quiz
  • End the cycle of arguing
  • Prevent the four most well-researched predictors of divorce
  • Better understand each other's differences and feel heard
  • Rebuild from infidelity / affairs (emotional, physical, online)
  • Partner struggling with PTSD / trauma
  • Establish stronger trust in your relationship
  • Learn skills to compromise
  • Work through feeling stuck or gridlocked on issues
  • Effectively address stresses / life changes together
  • Restore connection, friendship, and intimacy
  • Heal from past hurts
  • Maintain a strong relationship with a "marriage checkup"
  • Pre-marital counselling

Specializing in

  • Affair / infidelity recovery...

    Discovering an emotional or sexual affair is devastating in a relationship and can feel unrepairable. The pain and anguish partners can feel is like a tornado that has shattered every facet of their life together. Often a partner asks themselves how they can ever trust again or how this could happen in their relationship. The decision and journey to repair is a difficult one but there is hope. There is a way to recover, heal, and rebuild when both partners commit to making it work. In the research couples who pursue counselling have a higher success rate in recovering from an affair.

  • "Happy couple - happy kids". New parents? Consider pre-parent counselling...

    Beginning a family is a significant transition in a couple's relationship - it can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. A couple's relationship can become very strained as there is often a shift in roles, extra household tasks, challenges with sleep, post-partum, increased stress and anxiety, and new financial responsibilities. From the research we know that 67% of couples experience a drop in relationship satisfaction within the first three years of the baby's life. Some of the reasons include poor communication leading to conflict, differences in expectations, feeling less time for each other, and changes in individual identities, roles, and values. As a couple you can be more prepared for such challenges. Couples can greatly benefit from having the resources and skills to have a stronger relationship before transitioning into this new role. We also know from the research that children flourish when couples have a happier and less stressful relationship - they have a healthier emotional and social environment to grow. Learn how to navigate through this time more effectively together, and build a more healthy, supportive relationship so that you and your baby can thrive. Check out this article Bringing Baby Home: A psycho-educational intervention to increase relationship satisfaction during the transition to parenthood.

In the process of couple's counselling I integrate an assessment, individual / couple sessions, development of tools, and maintenance of positive changes to have a more successful relationship. You can learn more about this assessment at: Gottman Relationship Checkup.

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Couples counselling is a process and not a "quick fix". It takes work inside and outside of sessions. Couples find they benefit most when:

  • They both actively participate in sessions
  • They both commit to strengthening their relationship
  • They both follow up with exercises / homework
  • They both ask questions and provide feedback along they way
  • They both make counselling a priority

For more information about couples counselling check out: Timing is everything when it comes to couples counselling

If you are seeking couples counselling please print and complete the New Client Form below and bring it to your first appointment:

New Client Form for Couples Counselling (PDF)

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