Dr. Michelle Vandegriend
Registered Psychologist
Professional Counselling Services

Dr. Michelle Vandegriend

Helping Individuals, Couples & Families Live Happier, Healthier Lives...

Helping Individuals, Couples & Families Live Happier, Healthier Lives...

Welcome! I am a registered psychologist in private practice providing professional counselling services in St. Albert, Alberta.

I value working in a collaborative and respectful therapeutic relationship with timely and confidential psychological services in the areas of individual and couples counselling.

I believe that each person and couple is unique, and based on the presenting issue(s) I draw on a variety of counselling modalities to help clients move toward their therapeutic goals. Working from a holistic perspective I incorporate down-to-earth practical tools. Inner strengths are explored to assist clients in healing, growth, and change.

I offer safe and supportive services that integrate current research, experience, and the highest standards of quality training to best serve clients' therapeutic needs.

I am dedicated to helping people live happier, healthier lives within their community and to provide accessible, upstanding service in a non-judgemental counselling environment focused on excellence, expertise, and integrity.

Growth occurs when individuals confront problems,
struggle to master them, and through that struggle develop
new aspects of their skills, capacities, views about life.
– Carl Rogers

Contact me directly at

Ph: 780.619.0626

Suite #107 Inglewood Plaza
24 Inglewood Drive
St. Albert, Alberta T8N 6K4

Certified Gottman Therapist