Did You Know that February is Psychology Month?

Did You Know that February is Psychology Month?

In 2005 the month of February was officially designated Psychology Month across Canada. The theme during this particular month is that "Psychology is for Everyone" - bringing recognition of the importance of mental health for individuals of all ages. Just as it is important to maintain good physical health to live a full and active life, so to is it important to maintain good mental health. Many aspects of one's life are impacted by health and wellness in this area such as: work, family, education, relationships, sleep and eating, self-image, and one's body. When mental health is ignored, pushed aside, or waited on until the last minute, problems begin to build and challenges in life can begin to feel overwhelming.

Psychologists across Canada work in a diversity of areas and help individuals address the multifaceted aspects of life. During February community events, education, and outreach activities are made available to the public to raise awareness that psychology really is for everyone.

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