How Can I Stick to my New Years Resolution?

How Can I Stick to my New Years Resolution?

As we ring in a new year and reflect on the another year gone by, our focus usually turns toward goals or plans for the future - "New Years Resolutions". These resolutions need not be unfulfilled dreams, a pattern of disappointments, or thoughts of "wouldn't that be great if..." and "I'll try harder next time". Turning resolutions into successes requires thought, planning, and support.

To begin, examine how motivated you feel to incorporate changes in your life - especially if there are already many changes occurring. Organize your goals on paper. Writing them down helps to clarify what you want to accomplish, makes them more realistic, and frees up space in your mind for other cognitive tasks. Make steps toward your goal specific. For example:

  • What will you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?
  • How will you monitor or track your changes?
  • What is a reasonable time frame for achieving these goals?

Visualize your changes and success. It's easy to get caught up in aspects that are not going well or setbacks you may face. Shifting your focus to positive details and results of the new behavior helps reinforce steps on that path.

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