How Can a Counselling Psychologist Help Me?

How Can a Counselling Psychologist Help Me?

Counselling is a process in which a trained professional such as a psychologist and a client work together to address issues that are important to the client. A safe and supportive space is provided for clients to explore challenges that are impacting their life. A counselling psychologist helps individuals become more aware of their strengths and resources and to develop the skills and abilities to work through problems and cope more successfully with situations in the future.

Common reasons that individuals, couples, and families seek counselling involve feelings of intense worry, prolonged sadness or anger, trauma, addictions, academic or work pressures, growth and development issues, enhancing overall well-being and personal performance, life transitions, communication, conflict, and relationship concerns.

Questions that one can reflect on before engaging in counselling are:

  • What are my goals for counselling?
  • What will my commitment to counselling involve?
  • How will issues of confidentiality be addressed?
  • What approach or type of counselling will I feel most comfortable with?

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