What is the Difference between Feeling "Blue" and Depression?

What is the Difference between Feeling "Blue" and Depression?

We all experience periods of sadness or feeling "blue" - it is a part of life. Melancholic days can come and go throughout the year especially when faced with difficulties, disappointments, or even cloudy winter weather. Normal functioning is maintained, however, and one's mood often improves after a day or two. Depression on the other hand is more than feeling "blue". It affects multiple aspects of everyday life such as work, family, friendships, sleeping, eating, and day-to-day responsibilities. Individuals who experience clinical depression cannot simply "snap out of it". Without support and resources feelings such as hopelessness and emptiness, loss of interest and energy, and suicidal ideation can continue for weeks or months.

There are many forms of depression with varying symptoms, severity, and persistence. Examples of these are: major depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and post-partum depression. Depression is not the result of a weakness or failure - it can affect anyone. It is often expressed differently, however, between males and females, various cultures, and ages. It is important to take feelings of depression seriously. If you recognize depression impacting your life counselling can help.

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